Street Lights

DOT maintains over 250,000 street lights throughout New York City, and is a national leader in using sustainable street lighting.

In the largest such project in the country, DOT is currently retrofitting all of New York City's street lights with energy-efficient LEDs. The new lighting will save approximately $6 million in energy and $8 million in maintenance a year.

Damaged street lights

Report the problem online. If you see a small flashing red light next to the street light bulb, call 311 to report it immediately. The light indicates an issue with the electrical current.

DOT's contractors have 4 hours to respond to street light emergency conditions (such as a fallen pole or a low voltage condition). For other issues, contractors must report on the problem within 10 days. Major repairs, such as repairing a concrete foundation, may take longer. Electrical problems will be reported to Con Edison.

Distinctive Street Lighting

If you are looking for an alternative to standard New York City street lighting, the NYC Street Design Manual contains distinctive lampposts and luminaires that are appropriate for use on the City's streets.

Temporary Holiday Lighting

Business Improvement Districts, Local Development Corporations and other groups may request approval to install temporary festoonery, holiday lighting, or other temporary lighting attached to City street light poles or any other electrical equipment. Once your application is approved, you must submit the signed application and request a permit via Download the temporary holiday lighting application (pdf) Translations of NYC DOT Licenses, Permit Applications & Registrations

Banner Permits

Apply to install a banner promoting a public event or a cultural exhibit on any DOT property, including street lights. Learn more about banners

Temporary Changes to Street Lights and Signals

DOT issues permits for temporary changes to street lights and signals for special events. DOT may approve the installation, removal or other modification to lights and signals. Permits require detailed drawings of the proposed changes, an indemnification of the City, and a licensed electrical contractor. Download the application for temporary changes to Street Lights and Signals (pdf) Translations of NYC DOT Licenses, Permit Applications & Registrations